It is Den-chan from the ship this.

It is good that the aircraft behind is elaborate, you can move this. When an enemy submarine comes, you have to intercept it, so let's have it returned.

For some reason, den-chan with a troubled face, how to use her hands seems to be a girl, it is different from the usual atmosphere, and it has a colorful and glossy feeling.

Because she is a marine, she is dressed in a sailor suit that makes sense.

艦隊これくしょん 第六駆逐隊 【コスプレ衣装】 暁、響、雷、電 ―これは水兵さんが着る服なのですっ!―

Kotobukiya Fleet Collection -Ship This- Electric -Anime ver.- 1/8 Scale PVC Painted Finished Product Figure





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