It is Yukari Akiyama, a girl who loves tanks from Girls & Panzer (I love Yukari-chan)



She started the tank road purely because she likes tanks.

(Not an impure motive to want the same sex or a unit (laughs))

Trumpet blowing,

Did you use trumpets on the tank road? I wonder what it was for. Victory fanfare?

I'm also exposing a loose face.

If you are so defenseless, you will be attacked by ladies and gentlemen (named perverts)! (laughs)

I personally like Yukari-chan the best in Girls & Panzer. The desire for the tank is cute at once.

I also fall in love with the hidden dexterity that infiltrates enemy ships (laughs)

It doesn't matter, but I'm an author who is stuck in an online game called wot (a game where you shoot each other with a tank). The love tanks are soviet T-34 and SU-85.

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