Oh.. Japanese.. Gothic lolita…….

So, orthodoxy of feeling that it is not flirting? Gothic & Lolita.

(It may be closer to pure goth than goth loli, but will the frills become lolita elements…)

Even if something is something, beauty and cuteness are leaking out, the perfection of the costume is too high.

I think you're chanting something with a magic book, it's like a dark wizard.

It is very cute to chant with a smile of Ranko-chan,

Is it the charm of Ranko-chan that she likes and plays two characters in this?

I think that the pose peculiar to two diseases hides the aura of jet black in the left eye.

Even so, the costumes are wonderful.

umbrella… The umbrella is also Gothic specifications inspired by Ranko-chan, flashy stage Ranko-chan is also good, but cute legitimate Gothic Ranko-chan is also adorable.

figma Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Kanzaki Ranko (Non-Scale ABSPVC Painted Movable Figure)

[COSPA] Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Pyokotte Kanzaki Ranko Cospa




Bushiroad Sleeve Collection HG (High Grade) Vol.915 Idolmaster Cinderella Girls [Kanzaki Ranko] [Tomorrow's Easy Correspondence]





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