This time, it is an introduction of a man's daughter character.







(1) Hayate Ayasaki

Like Hayate! The main character. She started transvestites in the early days of the story, and often appeared as a girl.

Originally, I was better at cooking, cleaning better than Maria, and I was a girl's strength, so there is no sense of incongruity even if I dress as a woman.

(2) Makoto (Mako-chan)

From "Minga ming", makoto, mako-chan.

Haruka's sister is on the right and Mako is on the left. It is wonderful that it is made to dress up as a woman. I feel romantic even if I force it.

Only when you come to the South House to play will you transform into a girl.

(3) Yuki Kawar flow

Personally, it is the daughter of the man who appears in the anime "Twin Angel BREAK" where the most characters this term are cute.

I couldn't find the image, so I had a visual of the two main characters. It is misunderstood by Tanaka victory which is supposed to be an enemy and it falls in love.

(4) Hasta

It is Hasta than Nyarko who crawls.

It is a daughter of the man from Shota. It is a demon of the same Cthulhu myth as Nyarko.

(5) Hideyoshi Kinue

Hideyoshi Kinoe is more than an idiot, a test, and a summoned beast.

You are a sensible person in the F class, it is cute.

(6) Kazuki Noya

It is a uniform or a daughter of ebithen public Ebisugawa High School Ten agony club.

This is also a different character because I did not see the visual. If you want to see images, please google.

The 5th cd of the 3rd season of the "Sleepless CD" series that wakes up to the charm of a man's daughter and can not sleep

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