It is Rin Shibuya from Idolmaster Cinderella Girls. It is a smartphone case.

Aysum Tachibana Mug Mouse Pad Keychain Idolmaster Cinderella Girls [ファットカンパニー]


Nana Abe Tabletop Clock Idolmaster Cinderella Girls – 17 Years Old On The Table [コスパ]


Shibuya Rin Idolmaster Cinderella Girls figma – Ephemeral Cute – [Figure]







It is iphone6 size, but it looks like you can use it if it is a close size. I personally think that it is a good design that shows Rin-chan's refreshingness.

She is transparent at first look, but the contents are attractive people who have hot things, is it a contrast between cold and heat?

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Shibuya Rin PocketBook Type Smartphone Case






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