It is Minami Chiaki-chan from Minami-maki.

My drowsy eyes are cute, and I watched them early in my anime history, so it's a very beautiful work.

At that time, even if I was a small girl, I thought that it was an attractive character because the lines that I was strangely watching jumped out.

Strangely fascinated.

But I also have a childish expression, because I'm an elementary school student.

Fujio-10 (stuffed animal) is also the same.

Back-to-back, I think I'm also doing it in a duel.

Surreality and cuteness are mixed, I like the photographer's sense.

Chiaki-chan is not a gentlemanly erotic, but strangely captivating, she is a poisonous sleepy-eye girl (elementary school student).

Minamie Nendoroid Minami Chiaki (Non-Scale ABS & PVC Painted Movable Figure)

French Type Beret Fashion Sabage Cosplay (Green)








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