My sister can't be so cute, it's more black cat.

It's too sexy, but I don't know who this is (laughs)

If you just look at this without prior information, it would be a black cat master.

Kirino Takasaka 1/7 Scale – Hello from The Country of – [PVC Figure]
Black Cat My Sister Can Not Be So Cute 1/4 Scale [Figure]









I'm the Queen. Waiting in bed? It's like a setting.

I feel that the face is slightly different from the black cat, but I am a school that I do not care about. If it is cute, it is ok.

(A little more beautiful than the original black cat?) )

Let's tighten it up sexy at the end.

My sister can't be so cute Black cat From the bedroom PVC finished product figure

[Curtain soul] [俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない] Black Cat Swimsuit Tapestry













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