I'm Sopaniko.

It is a wet sheer photo session, but it is unclear why it is wet (laughs) It is a photo session full of fun.

The shy face is cute, I want to dive it.




It's a great thigh, a gentlemanly, gentlemanly thigh.

At first, I thought it was the cord of the microphone, but when I looked at it often, it was a shower, and I thought that the cord of the headphones (it was a code after all)

When it comes to wet sheer, I think of showers (laughs)

It was a figure friendly to ladies and gentlemen called wet sheer.







1/6 Sopa Soniko Wet Sheer Photo Session Winter Corde ver. PVC Painted Finished [ドラゴントイ] Product 《Reservation/July 2017》

Spaso-Soniko Photo Book








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